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Whipped Avocado Hair Mask

Whipped Avocado Hair Mask

This conditioning hair mask is packed with healthy herbs such as Yarrow Rosemary & Thyme, known for a great source of biotin. this mask assists with hair growth, seals cuticle cells which can help hair look smooth and shiny plus preventing breakage


    For all hair types

    Directions: Section wet hair into 4 parts. Apply desired amount starting at the ends of hair going towards the root. Massage thoroughly let sit for 33min and rinse out completely. Follow up with Crown Replenish Shampoo or whatever suits your hair needs

    Do Not Eat


    Note: A few of the hair mask has a slightly different color to them more of a beige this is because the seed of the Avocado was mixed into mixture for more beneficial properties.

    Refrigerate: 3mon

    Freeze: 6mon


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